pest-control-miceWe all know that rats live in cities. They have for centuries, but most of us think they only live in the bad neighborhoods. Truth is, rats can be anywhere. Most people are shocked when they find evidence of rats in their apartment. Your first thought might be to run out and buy the biggest trap you can find. Wait! Rats are not the evil creatures we have all been raised to believe. Yes, they can carry diseases, they will bite, and can have rabies. All that is true. Still, many people keep rats as pets, and have all kinds of positive things to say about them. You probably will not want to catch the rat in your apartment and make a pet out of it. It’s not like finding a stray cat and bringing it in. Although, truth be told they too can bite, carry diseases, and have rabies. You can solve your rat problem without traps or poison. Just calm down, take a breath, and call a professional to remove the problem. Someone trained for humane rat removal. For example, contacted the nearest Chicago Rat Removal┬ácompany would be the best choice..

You are probably thinking, how do know it won’t come back? Fair question, the answer is that after the offending rodent has been removed far away, the certified AAAC professional will inspect your house, or apartment, and seal off all the places that may have been used by rats to enter. Many of the poisons that we use to rid our homes of pest are not safe around our pets and children. When it is necessary to kill a pest, it can be done without chemicals, or dangerous traps.

Finding a professional, trained to deal with nuisance wildlife is important. We humans, need to understand, the critters that move into our homes are not doing so for evil reasons. It may be annoying, or costly, or a threat to the health of our loved ones, but to the invading animal it is mere survival. They are looking for a place out of the elements, close to food and water, that they can live in. All the reasons that you have for living in your home are the same reasons as rodents, or snakes, or birds, and skunks. No one is asking you to let them stay, but you can have them removed in a humane fashion. We are all God’s creatures, just because we build better houses doesn’t mean we have to be cruel when we evict unwanted quests.